The Aster Sanad Hospital Pharmacy offers pharmacy services to all its patients in need of short term and long term medications. Our service gives you access to a full range of pharmacy and support services, saving you time and effort. By having access to your medical records, the pharmacy team can optimize your treatment by coordinating services with our specialists. You may consult with our knowledgeable pharmacists and staff to address your concerns quickly and professionally. We focus on your individual medical management needs in an environment of strict patient confidentiality.

Aster Sanad Hospital Pharmacy provides quality, competitively priced medications and supplies, 24/7 all throughout the year. Our pharmacy coordinates all billing and prescription drug plan claims on your behalf, relieving you of the tasks of completing forms and filing claims. And lastly, our pharmacists make 

What I need to know before leaving the pharmacy?

  • The name of the medication you are taking.
  • Why you are taking it.
  • How long you will be taking it.
  • Any possible side effects.
  • When and how to obtain refills.
  • What to do and who to call if you have any additional questions about your medications before and after you leave the hospital.
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